Band Members

Title Description
Chris Day (Lead Vocals / Manager) His musical career didn't start until 2012, as the Frontman for Undercover, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. His vocal range and engaging stage presence enable the band to perform a wide variety of songs/genres. Chris performed at all the major venues, including casinos, nightclubs and festivals in the Philadelphia area. Chris was the lead singer for the Tampa Rhythm Section in Tampa in 2014, moving to Cape Coral in 2015 where he was the Lead Singer/Manager of Shore Patrol until Late 2018.... View Profile
Ray Marsch (Drums / Vocals) A Drummer from Baltimore, Ray played a variety of music professionally as teen. He comes from a family of great musicians, "Singing was our best asset”. Playing Guitar, Bass and Keys most of his life. This multi-instrumentalist adds a special touch to the band’s lineup. Rocking clubs and music circuits on the East coast of the USA with bands such as Genghis Khan, Syryx, Legacy, Against the Grain and many more. Ray moved to SW Florida to retire five years ago and still Rocking it!... View Profile
Vinnie "McPicc" Piccolo (Keyboards) Originally from New Jersey spending summers at the Jersey shores listening to local club bands that had inspire him, although coming from a family of jazz musicians his forte' was progressive rock he studied at Berkley in music theory. He played professionally with progressive rock bands Cathedral and Sunstream, touring the east coast clubs. In 2005 he relocated to southwest Florida, and recently worked with Shore Patrol for a bit.... View Profile
Cliff Weitzman (Bass, Vocals) Born and raised in Chicago and have been playing bass and guitar most of his life, Cliff's training and music style is influenced by the great rock and roll bands from the 1960’s to 2000’s. Cliff has performed in many groups throughout the Chicago NW Suburbs and have vast experience on stage and in the studio. In 2008, Cliff and his wife relocated to Cape Coral, Florida and have continued his passion for music and the graphic arts. He has held the bottom end with many local bands and venues throughout SW Florida from Marco Island to Englewood. Cliff's enthusiasm is contagious and shows in his performances.... View Profile
Jim Stewart (Guitar, Vocals) Originally from the hills of southern Indiana, Jim picked up a guitar at the age of 9 and never put it down. He played professionally in his early years with rock bands Alibi and Aura as well as the fusion band Paid Vacation, touring the Midwest & eastern seaboard from NY to FL. Jim was the founding member of Nightshift from Orlando, FL and founder of the Connie Savage Band in AZ which played together for over 18 years in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, and is now a resident of Ft. Myers, where he was the Lead Guitarist of Shore Patrol until early 2019.... View Profile